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2 05, 2017

Solid Catalyst for making Methylester Ethoxylates

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HH and the Research Institute of Daily Chemicals sign exclusive contract to supplying catalyst for manufacturing methylester ethoxylates outside of China. The specially developed solid catalyst was successfully applied in HH Loop Reactors which are suited for slurry applications. For further information contact Mr. Alfred Lagnaz for the European and Middle East market or Mr. Urs Geser for the North and South American and Asian Market.

29 03, 2017

HHT and Ningbo Jinhai Chenguang Chemical Corp. successfully completed the start-up of China’s most advanced 20,000 MTPY DCPD tactifying resin plant

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HHT and Ningbo Jinhai Chenguang Chemical Corp. completed the design of the most advanced DCPD tactifying resin Plant in China. After less than 2 years of construction and less than 1 month start-up the DCPD resin plant was successfully able to produce continuously 20,000 MTPY of water white resin. HHT, which executed several resin polymerization retrofits in China, can confirm that Jinhai’s resins are far superior in quality and application than any other resin producer in China as well as any international resin producer. Jinhai is able to meet the most stringent quality requirements and it will be serving the domestic and international markets. Jinhai has established itself as the market leader in China.

The entire plant was built and designed in close cooperation between HHT and Jinhai. The plant consists of the HH Polymerization Reactor, Polymer Solvent Recovery, Hydrogen Compressor, HH Hydrogenation Loop Reactor, Catalyst Filtration and High Pressure Catalyst Recycling, Solvent Recovery, Hydrogenated Resin Evaporation, Pastillation and Packaging Unit. The entire Plant was completed well under 45 Million USD. Mr. Mohammed Dekiouk, HH Technology Director, states ”for the first time a Chinese Company is truly able to compete in the international arena and is able to compete with the old established international resin players in the US, Japan and South Korea.”

HH has begun to market in several international countries Jinhai’s resin products. More capacity is to come on stream within the end of this year.

For further information please contact: Mr. Urs Geser – VP Technology, senior hydrogenation resin expert in continuous loop reactor and fixed bed applications. and Mr. Mohammed Dekiouk – Technology Director Resin and former Global Manufacturing Director at Cray Valley a company of Total.


21 04, 2014

HH Technology Opens Pilot facilities for high pressure in Shanghai

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HH Technology Corp. has opened a research center in Shanghai to enable the process development for gas/liquid and solid reactions up to 15 MPa and high temperature as well as filtration and catalyst recycling and other process units. This is in support of the expanding Chinese market in specialty and fine chemicals. The research facility has been staffed with local Chinese personnel and is operational since the beginning of the year.

14 01, 2014

HH Technology Corp. – Engineering & Technology was selected as the ethoxylation technology provider for Sasol’s world-scale ethane cracker and derivatives project in Louisiana

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HH Technology Corp. – Engineering and Technology (HHT) of Boston, MA, is pleased to announce that it has concluded a contract to provide the Engineering and Design for Sasol’s new ethoxylation units in Westlake, Louisiana.

“We consider the continuance of our long-standing relationship with Sasol to be a tremendous success and look forward to being a part of the on-going growth of Sasol’s ethoxylates business,” commented Richard Malone, P.E.,  HHT President.

HHT will design, engineer and provide its proprietary equipment for two commercial-sized reactor trains. These new units will incorporate HHT’s state-of-the-art technology for advanced reactor technology. HHT will work in cooperation with Sasol to consolidate both existing and new units into one of the largest new ethoxylation facilities in North America.

HHT is a process technology, engineering and project management company serving the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. HHT licenses technologies for the chemical and petrochemical industries based on advanced loop reactors and other reactor designs for a diversified range of chemical reactions, from low to high pressure, while incorporating highest safety standards.